A Spark Student is already passionate about the performing arts and is excited to further their knowledge in a professional environment. 

A Spark Student

  • Experienced and excited to be a part of a fast-paced rehearsal process. Students are expected to be ready to work quickly with the support of the Spark team alongside the professionals!
  • Arrives prepared. Having any needed equipment or materials requested and in appropriate program attire. Students provide their own dance shoe (jazz, character or tap).
  • Rises to, and often above, expectations. They are driven and seek support to compliment the production process either through classes or private training.
  • Is never done learning. Whether a beginner or advanced they, like our staff and professional artists, desire to continue growing in their craft.
  • Follows Actors' Equity Actors' Etiquette. We are not an equity theater, but we wish to give students a professional experience.

"You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love."

- Julia Child

Spark Program Levels

At The Spark we have done away with assigned age groups. Age does not determine the level of a student. At times we may recommend an age range only with the intention of providing a guideline. Spark Programs and Classes have intentionally limited enrollment and are structured to accomodate and challenge students of all skill and experience levels. Unsure of what this might look like in the training environment or if your student would be a good fit for our model, contact our Spark Admin Staff so they can assist you in evaluating your student's placement.


Students who enjoy performing arts and who would like to take their training to a higher level. Students in this level have taken some performing arts classes or been in a play and have a general knowledge of performing. Most important is a strong desire to learn more.


Students who have a good amount of previous performing arts training and are also seeking to perform and/or further their study of performing arts in higher education such as high school or college.  Students have a strong desire to be the best performer they can be.