It is the mission of The Spark to inspire, educate, and empower artists and the community through innovative productions, comprehensive training, and a welcoming support structure for all those who create.

The Spark Values

We Inspire

  • Achieving theater excellence in safe setting.
  • Infuse respect and kindness in all we do.
  • Professional quality productions.
  • Professional and welcoming interactions in our space.
  • Actively working to create an inclusive and safe space.

We Educate

  • Create a nurturing space for reflection, risk-taking, and learning.
  • Connect generations of Artists through our Mentorship Program.
  • Cultivate collaborative and educational relationships.
  • We provide master educators and teachers in all our productions.
  • Respect the contributions of each individual.

We Empower

  • Provide accessible space for any artist
  • Use strength based collaboration
  • Acknowledge the needs of others are not always the same as our own.
  • Connect community through the performing arts.

Who We Serve

The Spark is proud to be an inclusive and safe space for all who walk through our doors. We actively work to create a space where all humans are respected, listened to and supported. We consider our Diversity & Inclusivity Casting Policy a great place to start, as we come to better understand ways to create safety in our space.

Nonprofit Status

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated within the state of Colorado. For more information about our nonprofit status, board members, bylaws or more please contact us.