It is the mission of The Spark to inspire, educate, and empower artists and the community through innovative productions, comprehensive training, and a welcoming support structure for all those who create.

The Spark Values

Our Work

  • Be a platform for creativity.
  • Connect community through the performing arts.
  • Stay on the forefront of theatrical innovation in performance.
  • Inspire audiences.
  • Educate the dedicated theatrical artist.

Our Culture

  • Create a nurturing space for reflection, risk-taking, and learning.
  • Empower individuals to fulfill their potential.
  • Cultivate collaborative and educational relationships.
  • Connect generations of artists.
  • Respect the contributions of each individual.

Our Space

  • Professional and considerate environment.
  • Resource for our local community.
  • Flexible and diverse usages for creative minds.
  • Welcoming and friendly.

Who We Serve

The Spark is proud to be an inclusive and safe space for all who walk through our doors. We actively work to create a space where all humans are respected, listened to and supported. We consider our Diversity & Inclusivity Casting Policy a great place to start, as we come to better understand ways to create safety in our space.

Nonprofit Status

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated within the state of Colorado. For more information about our nonprofit status, board members, bylaws or more please contact us.