Spark Mentors

There are two categories of mentor at The Spark. We have our Performing/Teaching Artists and our Resident Artists.  

Performing/ Teaching Artist

A Performing/Teaching Artist must audition for each production. We have both paid and unpaid roles available.  Paid positions are paid as independent contractors through The Spark. Rates differ based on experience and position. 

Performing/Teaching Artists are expected to perform alongside interns and students, including each into their creative process from first rehearsal to final show. Paid artists will also teach a select number of classes or workshops that are geared towards their specialty during the production process.

Resident Artist

To be a mentor in our Resident Artist category, you or your organization must have a monthly contract with The Spark either through Co-working, or through Space Rental.

Interested artists must submit an application to The Spark to be approved as a mentor. Once the right match is found with a registered student, a monthly discount of 40% (up to $75) will be applied to your account.

Mentors must meet with their student one-two hours a week (an average of 6 hrs./month), including them in their artistic and management process. Examples of appropriate activities include: rehearsals, creative sessions, construction, production meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc. Mentors should offer an inside look into the creative process giving their student the opportunity to participate and learn from the experiences simultaneously. Students may be given tasks that will help further both the Mentor's art as well as further the student's knowledge and experience.

Each additional student deducts an additional 20% (up to $150) from the Mentor's account. Students must be mentored individually. Mentorship sessions cannot be combined, except for special events to be cleared by The Spark administration.

3 Levels of Mentorship

The Professional Artist is required to have substantial experience in their field, including credits related to regional, touring, or national productions. Within the Professional Artist category also exist our teaching artists who may perform with students, and bring their experience as educators to classes and workshops. A teaching artists must have a bachelor’s degree or commensurate experience.

The Intern is an individual who is in pursuit of a degree or is at the beginning stages of their artistic career. The Intern receives minimal compensation for their time. Interns will be seen as both learning from The Professional Artist as well as providing much needed information and insight to students that may be looking at art degree programs or contemplating a future career in the arts. There are a limited amount of internship spots for each experience.

The Student is an ageless term for an individual who has been registered by a parent or guardian if under 18 years of age. The Student will have interaction with both The Professional Artist and The Intern throughout the mentorship experience as well as regular teachers and staff. Registering as a student is the only way to secure a place in productions, performance companies, classes, or workshops.