The Spark Refund Policy: Updated 8/12/2020

For program withdrawals, the patron will receive a refund of their full payment until 2 weeks prior to the start date or audition deadline.

For program withdrawals after 2 weeks prior to the start date and before the class or camp as begun, the patron will receive a credit of their balance to use towards future programming. Refunds and credits are not given after the audition deadline has passed unless the program does not run.

In the event a patron or dependent falls ill, becomes injured or does not possess necessary skills, inhibiting his or her ability to participate in or continue participation in a program, a pro-rated refund may be given based upon the date of the refund request. Documentation (i.e. doctor's note) is requested for illness and injury claims.

In the event a patron requests a refund due to level of service or other legitimate factors, the patron will be asked to submit the request in writing citing the reason for a refund. Discretion of the validity of the refund is at the discretion of The Spark, after the class or program begins.

If a refund is authorized, the appropriate amount will be refunded via the original form of payment. No exceptions. ​