Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about The Spark's summer programming? No worries, we've made a list of the things that seem to come up the most. If you still can't find your answer here, feel free to reach out to us and we'll be sure to throw an answer quickly your way!

Professional artists in shows... what's that about?

We're glad you asked! The Spark is based off of a mentorship model that includes bringing professionals in to work with our amazing students. Not only are these professionals amazing teachers, but they have performed all across the United States (and some internationally) bringing their expertise and experience to our students. These professional artists not only teach specialty classes during the rehearsal period of each show, but they also rehearse and perform alongside our students truly providing an immersive experience for all involved. They become exquisite role models, and mentors the students can reach out to long after the show experience is done. Professional artists are chosen through auditions, as well as the great industry connections our staff and board members have made throughout their years of work.

What does an intern do? Are they paid?

Interns are another level in our mentorship model. Interns are high school seniors, or current college students that have a passion for and interest in pursuing the performing arts as a career. Interns are not required to have any professional credits on their resume, but must audition in order to be considered for any show or role. Interns get to perform in the show just like everyone else. Roles are scattered among our three levels (professional, intern, and student), so that everyone is interacting with each other equally in the rehearsal and performance process. Interns are not paid, but are given a travel and meal reimbursement at the end of each week.

How does casting work?

Professional and Intern auditions are held prior to student auditions. Roles are spread out among our mentorship levels for any lead, supporting or ensemble roles. Students that audition and are highly qualified may be double cast with a professional. There will always be lead, supporting, and ensemble roles available to students. Students will audition at least one month prior to the start of rehearsals. These auditions will consist of a dance call, a time slot where the student will perform a song and a monologue, and callbacks. Students are always free to ask for feedback regarding their audition. Roles will be announced no later than one week after callbacks. The artistic team looks for talent as well as dedication and attitude when casting a show.

Do you have fall and spring programming?

Yes we do! We hold a Fall and Spring show each year that follows similar procedures as our summer shows. The only thing that changes is the rehearsal timeline. We also have a touring company that visits schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and local festivals to perform one act musicals that are relevant to the community. For more info on our year round programming visit our fall & spring page.

What are Enhancement Classes?

Enhancement classes are classes specifically tailored to help students succeed on stage. These classes are held during the rehearsal process of our summer shows to add to each performer's summer training. Classes and curriculum are customized for each respective show, building on techniques and ideas that will be used in rehearsals and performances.

Certain enhancement classes are open to the community at a drop-in rate of $15. Visit our classes page for more info.

Can I drop in to classes or do I have to register?

Good question. We have a variety of options. Some of our classes require registration, because the material of the previous class is essential in understanding and moving forward in the following class. Other classes are episodic and will not require the knowledge from the previous class to enjoy the following one. Our class schedule will list whether a class is open to drop ins or requires registration. Hour long drop in classes are $12, and anything between an hour to an hour and a half is $15. Wondering whether you can drop into a class or not? Reach out to us and we can confirm the needs and requests of the teacher.